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KelSie has extensive experience in working with both capsule and blister pack formats designed to be used in designated pre-metered single and multi-dose systems.

Deep Lung Delivery



The patented Puffhaler is the ideal low cost solution to developing nations or regions that may not have the benefit of electricity, clean water, or skilled caregivers. The Puffhaler has been demonstrated to successfully deliver doses of the measles vaccine for a lower unit price than the cost of injection.



Single Dose re-loadable DPI’s are a low cost solution ideally suited for single use applications or when a dosing regimen may change throughout the day requiring a variety of formulations/doses to be administered.



Similar to the single dose, the Multi-dose DPIs are also breath activated. However, a different technology is employed. Rather than a capsule, a blister pack is used which allows for multiple doses to be pre-loaded at the facility. This type of device is ideal for administering a specific formulation designed for treating a specific condition or eliciting a desired response.



The pMDI is an alternative form factor that propels KelSie’s proprietary dry powder formulations utilizing an inhaler similar to what people typically think of as an “asthma inhaler”. Like the DPI, the doses are pre-metered and a consistent amount of formulated deliverable is administered to the user. These types of devices utilize propellants to assist in the delivery of the API.

Nasal Spray



Further utilizing KelSie’s flexible formulation platform, we are able to produce powders that are ideal for delivery via the nasal mucosa. Nasal applications are an appealing route of administration for those requiring assisted delivery, such as small children, infirmed elderly or individuals that may have compromised lung capacity.

Sublingual Wafers



In addition to the Dry Powder Inhalable delivery systems described above, KelSie also holds the exclusive license to Sievers Biotech’s recently issued patents to further process the dry powder formulations described above into pills and wafers designed to dissolve under the tongue, oral buccal or vaporized by heating. Although the KelSie Sublingual wafer is safe to swallow, it is not a pill. The importance in this distinction is that the formulation directly enters the blood stream through the rich blood capillary network under the tongue greatly improving its bioavailability rather than being swallowed and processed via the digestive tract.

Drugs that are swallowed undergo significant losses during what is known as “First-Pass Elimination”. First-Pass Elimination occurs when a drug is swallowed and therefore passes through the liver before entering the circulatory system. The liver metabolizes many drugs; sometimes to such an extent that only a small amount of the active drug emerges from the liver and into the blood stream. Wafers can be formulated with a wide variety of properties including flavorings and other active compounds. The sublingual delivery allows KelSie to use far less active ingredient than would be necessary to achieve similar effects as swallowing a pill.




The flexibility of CAN-BD and processable formulations allow for the creation of specific formulations designed to be introduced topically, promoting rapid absorption for localized therapy as well as treating surface conditions or lacerations.

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